Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick Chick...

It is starting to feel like spring with 26 baby chicks on the farm!

Two weeks ago we drove to MT Healthy Hatcheries in 
Cincinnati and picked up these little day old chicks. 

Aren't they cute!  

We chose Golden Comets this time.  

This variety is known for its large brown eggs and quiet temperament. 

They are also cold tolerant.  

Our little hens will have soft buff-red color feathers and weigh about 4 lbs.  


They have been in the chick brooder for the past two weeks.

 I posted about HERE.  

They don't stay little for long!

Now, their wing and tail feathers are starting to come in and they have about doubled in size.

They will remain in the house for one more week. 

Then they should be big enough to move out to the coop. 

They will still need the heat lamp until they have all their feathers and it warms up outside.

They should start laying the end of May. 

Just in time to have Farm Fresh eggs to sell in our farm stand.

 In the meantime they sure are fun to watch and hold.  

(Just make sure you wash your hands.)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ocean Waves Chevron Quilt

One of our little farmer boys had birthday this weekend. 

The BIG 10! 

Double Digits!! 

He loves to read especially about the ocean. 

At dinner he often shares some amazing aquatic creature fact he has just read. 

He sure keeps the conversation interesting!
I made this Ocean Waves Chevron quilt for his birthday. 

He is on the top bunk which is so hard to make each morning. 

Twin size blankets and quilts are too big because of the rail that goes around the top bunk. 

He gets so frustrated trying to get his blankets straight. 

This quilt is top bunk size!

I used the Missouri star quilt company tutorial HERE

Quick and easy!

Then quilted it making wavy lines with my walking foot.

I love how it looks like waves. 

I had enough left over fabric to piece the back.

Happy Birthday Big guy!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Glasses Offer

A few weeks ago I was contacted by FIRMOO a Global Online Optical Store.  

I was asked to pick out a pair of glasses and try them out then write a review. 

This is my first product review.  

So exciting!!! 
I choose this really cute pair of Burgundy glasses. 

Click HERE for the spec info.  

I really like the way they fit and the color is great.  

They arrived quickly and were an easy company to order from. 

The glasses came with a hard case, a soft case, cleaning cloth and a tool kit. 

The best part is FIRMOO is offering you a free pair of glasses all you have to pay is shipping.  

They have a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses.  

Click HERE to order your free glasses! 


This is a sponsored post however the opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP...Scrappy Trip Around the World

Jumped on board and loving it!!! 

Scrappy Trip Around the World  

I have admired all the pretty Scrappy Trips on blogs and on Pinterest.  
Here is the link for the Tutorial from Quiltville's Quips & Snips.

This fall I cleaned out and organized all my scraps and have been looking for a project to make with them.
Mine are truly scraps that I have had for years
 and just didn't fit in any other project.  
It's so exciting to see how the different blocks come together!  
Even the uglies look good in this quilt.  

Please excuse the threads. It has been so dark this past week, I had to grab and shot before the sun disappeared!
 I am only using scraps from my stash and trying to get the darkest color to run down the center of each block. 

To speed up the process a little I cut the strips 2 1/2 inches by the length of the scrap.  Most scraps are less than a fat quarter.  Then stitched them together and sub cut them.  I am left with 2 1/2 inch squares to use in another scrappy project. 

Happy Work in Progress Wednesday!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adventures in the snow

It is WARM today!!! 

If you consider 30 degrees warm, I guess it is all relative when the past week has been in the single digits! 

Our youngest farm boys had cabin fever and
 so did I.  

So I left the pile of laundry on the couch and the hundred other things I need to do today. 

Instead bundled up to go exploring with the boys. 

First we checked out the pond and dock.

My sweet Farmer and Kids built it this fall. 
I can just picture warm summer afternoons fishing and swimming in the pond!

Next we went out in the berry field.  
Rows and Rows of dormant Raspberry and Blackberry plants.  

It is hard to believe that a few short months ago these were lush green bushes full of blackberries and raspberries.

While in the field we found tracks.  

Oh how exciting this was for the boys!

We followed the tracks all over the field. 

They guessed that it might be a skunk, bear, coyote, mole, mouse, rat or rabbit.

I think might be possum tracks.  
I am not an expert, but I did see a possum the other day.

They needed a closer look. 
It was so cute to see them try and figure out what animal it might be.

This was a much needed break. 
We all need to make time to play and enjoy the world around us. 

I love exploring the farm with my little farmer boys.  
 Don't they look sweet?  

What you can't see are the snowballs they threw at me right after I took this picture.  

Sure love these little guys!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

FARMtastic Friday's Fabulous Pinterest Finds...

Welcome to FARMtastic Friday!  

 This weeks Pinterest Spotlights.
The photos link directly back to the original source. 
Just click on the Source link below the photos. 

Farm Girl
I love this vintage poster.  It is time for us to order our new chicks so that we will have eggs this summer. I am so excited! Last year we drove to the Hatchery to pick up our sweet little chicks.  We like to get traditional breeds and have raised Rhode Island Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks.  I really would like to get some Buff Orpingtons this year.

vintage fruits and blooms 5

I love vintage Pyrex.  It is beautiful and functional.  This link is way fun.  It spotlights lots of different Pyrex collections. I spotted new patterns and colors that I will now be on lookout for. 

This Cinnamon Roll Cake is soooo good. I have seen several recipes for this but this is the one I like to make and was one of my first Pins.  We love to make this on cold winter mornings.  It is so yummy with a big cup of Hot Chocolate!

This is such a sweet little coin purse and key fob.  They best part of this pin is the tutorial!  Step by step pictures and instructions.  I think I need to make a few of these for quick gifts!

Valentine's Day
This is so cute and so simple. 

Visit these fabulous sites and stop by my Pinterest boards for more Pinspiration!

Have a FARMtastic Friday!