Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ocean Waves Chevron Quilt

One of our little farmer boys had birthday this weekend. 

The BIG 10! 

Double Digits!! 

He loves to read especially about the ocean. 

At dinner he often shares some amazing aquatic creature fact he has just read. 

He sure keeps the conversation interesting!
I made this Ocean Waves Chevron quilt for his birthday. 

He is on the top bunk which is so hard to make each morning. 

Twin size blankets and quilts are too big because of the rail that goes around the top bunk. 

He gets so frustrated trying to get his blankets straight. 

This quilt is top bunk size!

I used the Missouri star quilt company tutorial HERE

Quick and easy!

Then quilted it making wavy lines with my walking foot.

I love how it looks like waves. 

I had enough left over fabric to piece the back.

Happy Birthday Big guy!

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  1. That is an awesome quilt, my adult daughter wants a chevron in greys/golds and cream. I love the pattern. Nice job!

  2. Great quilt! and I love the back too! Fantastic job.

  3. great colors! the back is just as much fun as the front :)

  4. wow, that looks great! perfect for a water theme!! I am sure he will love it! I just made my daughter a pink and grey chevron!

  5. Oh, I love the back as much as the front, great stuff :)

  6. Super cute quilt, your colors are perfect!

  7. What a great quilt, front and back just wonderful. Love the waves on the quilting, really sets if off.

  8. Both front and back are awesome!!

  9. So beautiful! I know it's a boy quilt and "boy" colors, but I would love a quilt like that for my bed! That was so thoughtful of you to make it top bunk size!
    Thanks for linking up!

  10. So beautiful! I love the colors that you used. The back is as impressive as the front. What a great present for your boy!

  11. Lovely quilt I bet your boy is thrilled.

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me in 2013 too.

  12. what a lovely quilt! Was the new skill the chevron piecing?

  13. The colors are great! And you back is as great as the front!

  14. Beautiful quilt!! You are right... It's impossible to make the top bunk!!

  15. your quilt turned out beautifully! :)

  16. looks beautiful! how much fabric of each color did you get?