Friday, March 9, 2012

Needle Case Tutorial

I am always loosing my little sewing supplies. 

I tend to throw them in my project box and forget where I left them.  

The worst was the other day when I reached into my purse and caught my finger on a very sharp little needle! I had placed it in a scrap piece of paper after finishing the last few stitches on a project in the car.  

I really need a little needle case to keep my pins, needles, thread, and scissors organized.  They are quick and easy to make.  I just used scraps.  

Scrap Fabric or 2 fat quarters
scrap of felted wool or felt
scraps of Heavy Weight Fusible Pellon
About 1 yard of coordinating ribbon
Basic sewing supplies

Cut from your main fabric two 5 x 10 inch rectangle for the outside and lining and one 5 x 6 inch rectangle for the pocket

From the other fabric cut one 8 x 10 inch rectangle for the inside pockets

From Pellon cut one 5 x 10 inch rectangle.  Fuse it to the back side of your lining piece.  Following manufactures instructions.

Next fold your pocket in half and iron. Also fold and iron the outside of the needle case and the lining.

For the small pocket fold in half right sides together and stitch down the right side turn pocket to the right side and top stitch across the top of the small pocket and the large pocket.

Now layer the pocket on top of the lining piece and stitch down the right side of the small pocket. 

Then stitch down the center fold line.  Baste around raw edges.

Now layer the needle case front with the lining right sides together.  Stitch around the needle case leaving an opening at the bottom for turning.  Clip corners and turn right side out.

Press and top stitch.  Stitch down the center line again using your stitches on the lining and pocket as a guide.

Cut a piece of felted wool or felt in to a 4 x 7 rectangle.  Center it on the inside of your needle case.  Pin down the edges.  On the outside of the needle case stitch down the the center line on top of your other stitches.  This will attach the wool. 

Now find the center of your ribbon and place in the middle of the outside of the needle case and stitch down following your previous stitches.

Your all done!  A pretty little needle case ready for your next on the go project.  I think this little one is going in my purse.  No more needles in scrap paper!



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  1. What a cute little needle case!!

    I might modify it for my knitting needles. = )

  2. Fun needle case, I'll have to make one!

  3. Thank you!! I would love to see one you made. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I love that little needle case; I'm always losing my stuff, too. Hi, I'm Connie @, I'm now a GF follower, please stop by and follow me, too.