Monday, March 3, 2014

Lots of Hexies!

I am hooked on hexies!
I stitched a few while watching the Olymics and ran out of papers.
I made 100 of the cute little things and I couldn't find EPP papers in my area.
I posted a picture of my pretty stack of Hexies on Instagram and a fellow quilter came to the rescue. 
 (I love the online quilting community they are amazingly generous and friendly!)
She told me about this tool.
Fiskars X-Large Hexagon Squeeze Punch
It makes perfect 1 inch hexies!  
I found my punch at my local craft store in the scrapbook section.
I even used a coupon!

This size is great for using precuts.
All you need is a 2 1/2inch square!

That means you can get:
1 hexie per candy square
4 hexies per charm square
16 hexies per layer cake square
17 hexies per jelly roll strip

This little tool is just too good not to share.

Happy Stitching!


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