Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early Spring on the Farm

The past couple of days have been beautiful.

Spring is in the air!!!
Our baby chicks are no longer babies!! 

This is one of our Plymouth Barred Rocks. 

 Isn't she pretty!

We have been working in the garden.  

My Farmer and one of our little Farm boys tilling the garden plot.  

We planted potatoes, onions, lettuce, brussel sprouts and peas. 


We also created new flower beds.  

The daffodils are so pretty and cheerful!

With these warm temperatures the bushes and trees are starting to bloom.  

Forsythia bushes in full bloom!

My Peach Trees are blooming.  

Yikes it is a little early!  

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we wont have a late frost.  

I love fresh peaches!!

The past couple of days we have had a pair of visitors in our pond.  


They are fun to watch from the Kitchen window!

I have even has the chance to use the clothes line! 

Happy Spring!

 Thanks for stopping by! 

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  2. I'm new to blogging and removed my first comment because I typed too fast and it made no sense. I thought I could delete the whole comment. Anyways, I love your blog and spring pictures and next time will live with my mistakes!

  3. Happy Spring and you have a great garden!!!

  4. wonderful place where you live, I love the country and I love spring too. here I have my cherries tree bloomed. hugs from Italy

  5. Looks like what is happening here in WV! I am also worried about my fruit trees, if it freezes we will be without but for now it is beautiful. It was so fun to play in the sun today. Happy Spring.