Friday, June 14, 2013

Farm Fresh Goodness...

This is just the start of all the farm fresh goodness...

Our orchard is 4 years old and this is the first bowl of cherries! 

They are almost too pretty to eat!  

What should we make...
Pie, cobbler, muffins?

I know what my Farmer will pick...
Pie! Pie! Pie!

A quick story about this lovely bowl of humble fruit.

 When we moved to our farm the property had been vacant for several years and saplings were growing in the yard and field.  
We mowed everything with the tractor.  
It was impressive how quickly that took care of the saplings and brush.  
All but one!
There was this little mulberry tree that would not give up. 
It bounced back after being mowed a couple of times.  
My sweet Farmer decided to leave that tough little tree. 

This year it is covered in mulberries.  
I have to make something with this hardy trees fruit.
We are going to try making mulberry jelly.  

We have eggs again!   
Oh, how we've missed fresh eggs.

Just a quick post...
I better get to work on a pie and some jelly!

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  1. Those cherries are so pretty. I've got a couple of scraggly little trees that came with the property (can't plant any more because hubby hates, loathes, and detests cherries) As soon as any fruit is ripe, the kids have gobbled 'em all up. :-)

  2. I love Cherries and Mulberries too! If it were me,I would make the farmers favorite,since Sunday is Fathers Day :)

    Just purchased two canning/freezing/dehydrating magazines this afternoon after work. Then promptly spent a good hour drooling over all the recipes to try this harvest season!

  3. Ive always loved when my mum makes mulberys with ice cream. The recipe is simple just heat them with a little sugar till they start to break down and serve over ice cream. It's even great using frozen berries.

  4. Yummy! I wish I could taste some of those fresh berries and cherries!

  5. Very nice!

    Follow your blog, follow me?

  6. That mulberry tree has such a great story you've got to keep it now!