Thursday, February 23, 2012

Card Exchange

Have you ever participated in a card exchange? My Sister hosted one last week.  Everyone in the group  designed a card then brought everything to make 24 cards.  She had 8 people participating in the exchange so everyone assembled 3 of each card.  They said it was a fun afternoon full of laughter and treats.  When the party is over each person had a bunch of super cute cards and lots of fun memories.

Although I live far away they included me in the exchange.  (I love my Sisters!) Because I was mailing my cards I needed to assemble them all too.  I started out with some elaborate ideas but then realized it would take me forever to put 24 cards together.  So I simplified things a bit. I saw a super cute card on Pinterest with buttons and  printable stems.  

I went here to check out this amazing blog How About Orange  and print the stems.  

 I didn't have enough buttons for all the cards so I punched out flowers instead. 
 Here are all 24 cards! 
All done! 
Now to get them in the mail!


A few days ago these cuties arrived!
They are all so unique and fit the personalities of the card makers!  
I could tell which sister designed each card. 

I am excited to use these cute cards, but I think I will save one of each just for me!

Happy Card Making!


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