Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modern Quilting Bee

I have joined a Quilting Bee on Flickr!!! 

I am so excited about it!  

Have you heard about online Quilting Bee's?  

   I decided to start out simple and joined a block exchange. 

The group I'm in is called Bee Simple.  There are 12 members of the group from all over the World!  Each quilter in the group chooses a month and what colors they would like for their quilt.  Then we make 2 blocks in their color choices from our stash or local quilt shop.  Then we send them out.  On my month I will get 11 blocks from the group!  (I love Happy Mail!)

 Here are March's Blocks. 
I don't normally work in these colors, but I love them.  
I can't wait to see the finished quilts! 
It has been exciting to try new color combinations and a great excuse to build my stash!
Would you like to join a Bee?  
Click Here.  
Go to the end of the list for current Bees you can join.  

I would love to here about your experiences with Quilting Bee's.


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  1. What fun blocks and love the colors! Thanks for linking!