Monday, March 25, 2013

Techy Update...Added Bloglovin...

 I have added a new way to follow my blog.


There is a cute little button on the top left sidebar you can use to follow along.  

Sad to say but there will be some changes this summer to how we can read blogs on Google. 

This is just another way to follow and not miss out on your favorite blogs. 

I have been testing it out for a little while and it is easy to use. 

 When I signed up with Bloglovin, they added all of the blogs I follow for me.

Which was great since I have a pretty long list of blogs I enjoy reading.

 It really was a simple painless process. 

Especially for someone who is Tech challenged like me. 

There is also an App so you can read your favorite blogs on the go. 

I hope this little post helps.

Thanks again for following along!


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