Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP...Scrappy Trip Around the World...

Work In Progress...
The top is done for my Scrappy Trip Around the World!

My sweet little boys were helping with this photo shoot. 

They are such sports standing on chairs holding a quilt on this cold windy spring day! 

 See their cute little shoes sticking out.
 They said it was like holding a kite. 
 Thanks boys!
 This was made completely with scraps from my stash. 
 It has a little bit of everything from floral to geometric prints.
I added a border which made it a good lap size. 
I made 16 scrappy squares added 2 1/2 inch strips all around. 
Then a scrappy strip of leftover squares and finally 4 1/2 inch white border to the top and bottom.

Finished top is 52x64. 

I think I have enough left over strips for the binding. 

This was an interesting experience.  
I didn't realize I had so much yellow and green in my stash 
and lots of tiny florals.  
I also had very few purples, blues, oranges and reds.

 I think I have some stash building to do! ;0) 



  1. Super cute, I love the white borders!

  2. Great job! Isn't funny how we gravitate towards certain colors.... I think stash building is a great idea... and lots of fun!

    Beautiful quilt and your photo shoot assistants did a mighty fine job!

  3. Lovely! I am making one right now as well and have found I have more blues than anything... I had to deliberately split them up sometimes so I wouldn't end up with an entirely blue block! I love your borders :)

  4. I love it. My stash needs to grow before I can make one. Even though I'm tempted to just cut into my fabrics to start. I am even more jealous of your boys, mine are grown and far from home. Your post makes me miss them even more.

  5. This looks fab! I really like your mix of fabrics :)

  6. Love your borders! I just finished my top too :) I on the other hand still do not need to do any stash building! :-p